Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Arm twisting time

by James Packard Love
We are now at 4pm on the last of a three day meeting. Jukka Liedes is insisting upon a three page document, "Draft conclusions of the SCCR," which was handed out before lunch. It calls for a May/July diplomatic conference in Geneva. He wants a preparatory committee to meet in December 2006, with uncertain duties, and the authority to prepare a new "basic proposal" by February 28, 2007, followed by regional consolations.

The treaty is supposed to "provide protection fro the signals of the broadcasting and cablecasting organizations without affecting or addressing the rights on content carried by the signal." But paradoxically, it calls for a minimum 20 year term of protection, and a set of exclusive rights, including fixation, retransmission and post-fixation "downstream" rights, as well as WCT type TPM language. Verbally, Jukkas has not given up on getting webcasting in the treaty, and many see it already in the current draft, in the various parts of Articles 5 and 9.

There will be new definitions, a new preamble, and a reordering of sections.

Lots of countries don't like his proposal. India is taking a hard line. But Jukka and the WIPO Secretariat staff is bound and determined to pound on delegates to go along.

It is not at all obvious how this meeting will end today.


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