Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Assistant to Director of NGO (Job Announcement)

Non-profit non-government organization (NGO) working on international issues relating to intellectual property rights, access to medicines, and access to knowledge (A2K), has a position open for an Assistant to the Director. This job, which can involve some international travel, includes working to support the organization of various meetings, workshops and other events around the world, working with a board of directors, some office management work, public relations, and assisting with the Director's hectic travel schedule. The organization has offices in Washington, DC, London and Geneva, and works in developing countries.

The organization, now known as Consumer Project on Technology (CPTech)is an advocate of the interests of the poor and a supporter of policies and practices that promote more open approaches to the support of creative and inventive communities, and also greater access to knowledge goods. The position will involve working with a larger number of other NGOs, governments, businesses, academics and others.

The position can be full or half time. The salary will depend upon the experience and qualifications of the applicant, but will be competitive with similar organizations, and will include health insurance and other benefits. The organization is quite diverse, and is flexible regarding daily working schedules, as well as vacations and time off for other reasons. The position is currently held by a person who held the job for three years, and is leaving for graduate school.

To apply, please send name, contact information, and resume to Joy Spencer, at, voice 1.202.332.2670, fax 1.202.332.2673, 1621 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20009 (Near the Q street entrance of the Dupont Circle subway stop).


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