Sunday, July 09, 2006

AMCs and the G8

by Owen Barder
The latest news on advance market commitments is that it not clear whether the Heads of State will announce a pilot program The Wall Street Journal reports that it wider politics may be an obstacle. If a pilot program is not agreed at St Petersburg, it is possible that the idea may be taken forward by a coalition of interested governments outside the G8 process.


James Packard Love said...

In May 06, the WHA passed a resolution WHA59.24, (Public health, innovation, essential health research and intellectual property rights: towards a global strategy and plan of action), which, among other things, set up an intergovernmental working group, and called upon interested Member States "to draw up a global strategy and plan of action."

That plan of action will implement a number of CIPIH recommendations on such things as access to medicine, but also to create:

"an enhanced and sustainable basis for needs-driven, essential health research and development relevant to diseases that disproportionately affect developing countries, proposing clear objectives and priorities for research and development, and estimating funding needs in this area."

Do you see the AMC discussions being raised in the new WHA initiative?

10:43 PM  

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