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FCC Access Charge Reform

The FCC is going to be looking at a number of complex issues that are related to a major overhaul of the system of charges to support local telephone service. Right now the local exchange carrier (LEC) telephone companies charge very high per minute fees to long distance companies for providing connections for long distance telephone calls. Through an "enhanced service provider" (ESP) exemption, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don't have to pay these fees. Several LECs are asking the FCC to revoke the ESP exemption for the ISPs. There is also a movement to change the current access fees. The FCC has a docket on this, which you can find from the FCC home page, at www.fcc.gov, or the special page they have set up for the access fee issue: http://www.fcc.gov/isp.html. We will be posting more information about this proceeding. Here are a few relevant documents.

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