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November 6, 2006. Kieren McCarthy. "United Nations lauds internet's 'arranged marriage'"The Register.

November 2, 2006. Darren Waters. "Reporter's Log: Internet Governance Forum."BBC News.

November 2, 2006. John Hadoulis. "Global forum on Internet governance bridges 'cultural gap' between stakeholders."Yahoo News.

November 1, 2006. William New. "Copyrights, Knowledge Access, Democracy Debated At Internet Forum."IP Watch.

November 1, 2006. Kieren McCarthy. Open standards group to beat Microsoft at its own game The Register.

October 31, 2006. Kevin Murphy. "Sun to plug OpenDocument to global summit". Computer Business Review Online.

October 31, 2006. Thiru Balasubramaniam. "IGF: Ambassador David Gross on "Security and IPR". FromGeneva.

October 31, 2006. Kevin Murphy. "Sun to Plug OpenDocument to Global Summit". The Register.

October 31, 2006. William New. "Online Content Among Many Issues At Internet Governance Forum". IP Watch.

October 31, 2006. Kieren McCarthy. "Internet forum promises democracy to the masses". The Register.

October 29, 2006. Victoria Shannon. "'Gambits' are a risk to Internet domain system". International Herald Tribune.

October 22, 2006. Brad Warbiany. "Is This a Market Failure?". The Liberty

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